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CARS’s publishing programme covers a series of publications under a common title: Textbooks and Monographs.

Books are published by the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press.

Concept of single economic unit in competition law – P. Semeniuk, 2015

The book discusses the conditions of application of the single economic doctrine in competition law. The basis legal regime subject to the analysis in the thesis is the Polish and the EU competition law (antimonopoly law, antitrust law).

Right to Defence in EU Competition Law; The Case of Inspections – M. Michałek, 2015

This study constitutes a doctoral dissertation defended by the author at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) in 2015. The book examines the question of the protection of the undertakings' right to defence in the context of inspections carried out by the European Commission.

Legal and economic aspects of national champion policy – R. Molski, 2015

The objective of this monograph is to attempt to respond, at least in part, to the fundamental questions whether national champion corporations should be formed spontaneously, or rather an active role in their formation and growth should be fulfilled by the state, and if so, what the public support in this case should consist of. The monographs examines whether creation of national champions complies with competition law and policy understood in a broad sense.

Abuse of dominant position on telecommunications markets in the law of the European Union – K. Stolarski, 2015

The subject matter of the book concerns the functioning of the prohibition of abuse of dominant position on telecommunications markets in the law of the European Union. It presents an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of the aforesaid institution, which is aimed at the explanation of problems, that may be experienced during its functioning in practice.

Telecommunications Regulation in Poland – edited by S. Piątek, 2013

This book examines and offers critical comments on the evolution of national law and regulatory practice concerning the telecommunications sector in Poland.

Judicial control of the decisions of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications – M. Chołodecki, 2013

Subject of this book is the model of judicial control of the decisions of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications which is defined in the Telecommunications Law Act and provides two different judicial procedures against decisions of the UKE President.

Polish Airports in the European Union – Competitive Challenges, Regulatory Requirements and Development Perspectives – edited by F. Czernicki i T. Skoczny, 2013

The book was created on the basis of research reports written in 2009-2011 within the framework of the research project “Airport Services in the European Union and Poland”. The research was conducted by the group of academic employees of the Faculty of Management of University of Warsaw and employees of “Polish Airports» State Enterprise.

Public and private enforcement of prohibitions of anticompetitive practices – A. Jurkowska-Gomułka, 2013

The monograph raises problems of relations between private enforcement of competition rules, which is understood as the possibility of recovery if claims through legal action resulting from the breach of the competition protection law, and the public execution of competition rules, as realized by public organs.

Exchange of Information among competitors in the assessment of competition protection authorities – A. Bolecki, 2013

The monograph is dedicated to the reconstruction of the position of competition protection authorities expressed in cases concerning information sharing between competitors. The author has analysed in excess of 150 cases, numerous guidelines and opinions expressed by competition protection authorities in a dozen or so jurisdictions

Special clearances in the law on merger control – T. Skoczny, 2012

The monographs is devoted to the most important element of the pre-emptive merger control system – the material and formal legal basis for the issue of special clearances. The analysis is based on the theoretical concept of special clearances for the issue of which it is not sufficient to establish that a notified merger is not likely to lead to a significant impediment of competition (as is the case for ordinary clearances) or to clearances that must be issued despite the fact that the notified operation will in fact lead to a significant impediment of competition and thus should be prohibited.

Broadband networks in the telecommunication policy – S. Piątek, 2011

The book covers above all the influence of public institutions on the broadband communication development. It analyses two aspects of formulating action plan of the telecommunication policy in this area –– institutional aspect (concerning the main actors of this process) and regulatory aspect (concerning the mechanism of the public institution"s decision-making process defining the conditions of conducting telecommunications activities in cases when market fails).

Procedural fairness in the proceedings before the competition authority – M. Bernatt, 2011

The book scrutinizes the level of protection of procedural fairness in the proceedings before two competition authorities: the President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumers Protection and the Commission of the European Union. More details are available here.

European Audiovisual Sector: Where business meets society’s needs – E.D. Sage, 2011

A textbook concerns various aspects of functioning of European media sector, mainly in the context of Audiovisual Media Services Directive and common competition rules of the European Union. More details are available here.

Airports services in the European Union and in Poland II; selected problems  edited by F. Czernicki and T. Skoczny, 2011

The collective work concerns airport services. The publication was created on the basis of a number of reports prepared by researchers from the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, and professionals from the “Polish Airports” State Enterprise, within the second edition of a research project concerning this issue completed in 2011 (first edition completed in 2010).

Broadband networks in the telecommunication policy – S. Piątek, 2011

A monograph is dedicated to the telecommunication policy in regards to providing access to broadband networks also called broadband internet access. The book covers above all the influence of public institutions on the broadband communication development. More details are available here.

Airport Services in the European Union and Poland – competition law and airports regulations – F. Czernicki, T. Skoczny (eds.), 2010

The book is based on a final report of a research project implemented by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Management and specialists from Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe “Porty Lotnicze” (Polish State Enterprise “Airports”). More details are available here.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Constitutional and International Perspective – M. Bernatt, 2009

The book is the first comprehensive Polish study on the concept of corporate social responsibility considered from the perspective of legal science, in particular, from the constitutional and international point of view. More details are available here.

Microsoft - case study. Competition Law on the New Technology Markets – D. Miąsik, T. Skoczny, M. Surdek (eds.), 2008

The Microsoft judgment became an occasion for an extensive discussion on two basic legal problems: relations between competition law and intellectual property rights and the permitted extent (from an antitrust perspective) of product integration. Additionally, the Microsoft judgment caused a reflection over its meaning not only for an IT giant but also for other innovative entrepreneurs mainly active on new technologies markets. More details are available here.

Block exemptions from the prohibition of restrictive agreements in the EC and Poland – A. Jurkowska, T. Skoczny (eds.), 2008

The publication illustrates the evolution and current state of the EU and Polish block exemptions (considered to be the basic tool for making the prohibition of anticompetitive agreements relative by way of normative acts). More details are available here.

Regulation of telecommunications markets – S. Piątek (ed.), 2007

The collection of studies contained in this book responds to the interest shown in a process of telecommunications markets regulation carried on for several years. More details are available here.