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1. Title
Short title

2. Editor and Publisher

Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management, is YARS® editing institution. YARS is published by the Scientific Publisher of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. YARS® Layout is provided by ELIPSA Publishing House.

3. Editorial Board

The Editorial Board consists of an editor-in-chief, two deputy editors-in-chief and other members playing a role of section editors. A statistical editor and two language editors are also co-operating with the Editorial Board. For more details see here.

4. Scientific Board

Membership of the Scientific Board extends to the highly regarded academics, both lawyers and economists. They are affiliated with European and the U.S. universities. For more details see here.

5. Content

YARS® is meant to be a multi-disciplinary platform presenting the developments of competition and sector-specific regulation. The periodical focuses on current important competition protection problems (mainly antitrust but also state aid) as well as sector-specific regulation (mainly the regulation of the energy sector, telecommunications, post and transport, mostly rail). These issues are presented from a legal and/or economic and/or managerial perspective. Its articles concern either theoretical developments (e.g. economic theories, legislation) or practical implications of presented problems (e.g. jurisprudence) and refer to the current state of doctrine and scientific literature. YARS® also presents the activities of CARS as well as the activities of similar academic/research institutions from Central and Eastern Europe.

6. Authors

The authors of articles represent different jurisdictions; they are both academics and practitioners.

Authors should fully respect Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement. For more details see here.

7. Review process

YARS® is a double blind peer-reviewed periodical.

Reviewers should fully respect Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

For more details see here.

8. Editing and distribution

Printed version is considered as a basic version of YARS®. Ca 100 printed copies are circulated. YARS® is also published in electronic form at YARS® is available on several Polish external databases, including PBN and CEJSH; many of the YARS® articles are also accessible at SSRN.

There are no royalty fees for authors. Editing costs are covered by the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw or the “Foundation for Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw”.

9. Evaluation and ranking

In 2018 YARS was ranked 7th in Poland as for legal journals by Index Copernicus. Its ICV 2017 indicator is 94.17. Growing trend can be observed (ICV 2016: 60.51). Since 2012 YARS has been listed on the ministerial list of scientific journals. Based on the evaluation for 2016 the author of article in YARS receives 10 points.

10. Frequency

Since 2011, two volumes of YARS have been published annually. One of these volumes may be a special, single-theme or post-conference volume.