Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory StudiesCARS Basic Information

The Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, CARS (in Polish: Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych), of the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management, established in 2007, became – starting from 1 October 2014 – an independent organizational unit of the Faculty of Management to engage in teaching and research activities in the field of economics and law of antitrust and sector-specific regulations.

CARS research activities are concentrated on two key areas:
a) competition (general and sector specific),
b) sector-specific regulation.
Within the first area the research focuses on economic and legal aspects of cartels, monopolies, market dominance, mergers and acquisitions and state aid. The subject of the research in the second area is a market behaviour of the biggest Polish companies representing regulatory businesses and activities of public authorities in the following sectors:
a) electronic communications, mainly telecommunications,
b) postal services,
c) the energy industry, including electric power, gas and heat power engineering,
d) transport, mainly railway and air transport,
e) audiovisual media,
f) financial services.
CARS undertakes actions in following forms:
a) cross and interdisciplinary academic research and development projects as well as experts opinions,
b) publication of books and periodicals, including YARS and the Polish internetowy Kwartalnik Antymonopolowy i Regulacyjny (iKAR; Antitrust and Regulation e-Quarterly),
c) scientific conferences, seminars and workshops,
d) studies, including Post-graduate studies ( and an Open PhD Seminar and training,
e) other (such as cooperation with Polish regulatory authorities and scientific cooperation with similar institutions in Poland and abroad).

From 2012 the best Polish monographs in Antitrust and Regulation are also honoured with „CARS Award”.

Detailed information on past, current and future activities of CARS can be found on CARS’s website (