YARS® Call for PapersAuthor Guidelines

YEARBOOK OF ANTITRUST AND REGULATORY STUDIES (YARS®) is meant to be a platform for the presentation and analysis of antitrust and regulatory achievements from both a legal as well as economic perspective. Topics of interest include, but are not strictly limited to important current competition protection issues such as antitrust, merger control and state aids (substantive and procedural context) as well as sector-specific regulation (e.g. regulation of the energy, telecoms, post and transport industries).


The call for papers is open to both academics and practitioners. Articles, as well as other YARS® contributions, can be submitted any time by sending an e-mail to

YARS® publishes articles that contain original analytical contributions but not articles that constitute mere compilations or repetitions of previously published works.

The acceptance of a manuscript for publication implies that the Author assigns to the Publisher the copyright to the contribution whereby the Publisher shall have exclusive right to publish it everywhere during the full term of copyright and all renewals and extension thereof. The rights include mechanical, electronic and visual reproductions, electronic publication including all subsidiary right. The Author retains the right to republish the article in any other publication one year after its publication in the journal, provided that the Author notifies the Publisher and ensures that the Publisher is properly credited and that the relevant copyright notice is repeated verbatim.


Articles should be written, as a rule, in British English.

They should contain:
1) the title of the paper – Authors are encouraged to formulate short, original titles that contain terms typical for mainstream debate in the law and economics of antitrust and regulation; the title can be formulated in the form of a question or a firm thesis;
2) table of content
3) abstract in English and if possible in French of maximum 150 words
4) JEL classification and key words
5) Reference list

Authors are expected to deliver the proposed articles in correct English (British standard). Linguistic correction before submission is encouraged. The maximum length of an article is 10 000 words.

Due to interdisciplinary character of the journal we kindly ask potential authors to respect quotation standards of Author-Date System (APA Style). Under the Author-Date System each citation consists of two parts: the text citation which provides brief identifying information within the text and the reference list (list of sources used) which provides full bibliographic information.

A brief guideline on citations according to APA Style can be found here. For more information about the reference standards see also here.

Quotation standards are to be respected in case of other types of contributions such as legislation and case law reviews, book reviews and reports concerning scientific events and other notes.

Articles should be submitted in an electronic form, formatted in MS Word or in Open Office.

Potential Authors are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the rules governing review process already during the preparation of the submission.

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